Anthony arrived at work in such a great mood that the harassment of the guards had no effect. That made them bitter which pleased Caine even more. He arrived at his desk with a clear mind eager to return to the drudgery of his work. It was a little after ten that he began to get an uneasy feeling. About half-past ten, he got scared. He was not allowed to keep certain files on his computer, but he had a good memory. Perhaps it would have been better if he hadn’t slept well last night. If his mind was not so clear. Past verifications that he performed were coalescing in his mind with what he was verifying now. He was wishing that the information he now read was theoretical, but it wasn’t. Long before “Dolly,” this company may have cloned a lamb.

The Shroud of Turin was tested and analyzed in an attempt to see if it could be the burial cloth of the savior of billions of Christians. In this fiction thriller, Lieutenant Dustin Conrad uncovers what may be a more sinister plot concerning the “investigation” of the shroud. Before he can reveal it to a humanistic world, however, he becomes a fugitive running from a murder charge. While on the run trying figure a way to clear his name and get the information out, he unwillingly befriends a young man, fights alongside the militia, and falls in love.