Notebook designed to help you get the most out of sermons or Bible study.

I have just created My Bible Study Notebook. This idea sprung from a notebook of sermons that I was keeping. I realized that I could create a notebook with space for various aspects of a Biblical topic whether from a sermon, Bible study class or my own private study. You can click HERE for a preview of the inside of the notebook.

The notebook is designed for a right-handed person. If you go to Page 10 of the preview (Page 6 in the actual print version), you will see the beginning of the section. This page has a section in which you can write scriptural references from the sermon or Bible study and a section for your own private notes.

Opposite the page on Page 9 of the preview is a section in which you can place a quote you like from the sermon. You can also add words or terms that you decide need more study. You can add definitions from Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance or your favorite Bible dictionary.

When you get home, you go to Page 1 of the printed book (Page 5 on the preview) where you have space to start writing the sermon scriptures. If the sermon contains quite a few scripture references (as tends to happen at the Church I attend), you can add only what you consider the most important. Do not fear adding scriptures that you feel that you want to remember on the topic.

That is the manner in which each section is laid out. At the front of the book is an index with each beginning page of each section already printed for you. You simply provide the title of the sermon from that section.

There are a few important quotes to review which explains why it is important that you study. It is important that YOU know what the Bible says. Your salvation depends on what you KNOW; not what you are TOLD.

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