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After the War for Independence, the country had to form a more perfect union. The question was, what kind.

The States were used to autonomy. Many were so satisfied with this arrangement that the preferred to remain under the Articles of Confederation. There were many opponents to the new Constitution of the United States known as Anti-Federalists.

The Federalists were those in favor of the new Constitution and its “limited” form of government. They never anticipated their posterity twisting of the words of the Constitution to eliminate the freedoms they had fought for.

But the Anti-Federalists did. “It might be here shewn, that the power in the federal legislative, to raise and support armies at pleasure, as well in peace as in war, and their controul over the militia, tend, not only to a consolidation of the government, but the destruction of liberty,” a writer who wrote as Brutus complained.

Essays on the Constitution was edited by Paul Leicester Ford and published in 1842. It is an intriguing look at the arguments in the newspapers of the time on the subject.

It seems that Rhode Island was not favored among the several States. Mr. Ford added a letter from a writer for Rhode Island.

I edited the work further giving it a new index and adding the works of Brutus which were referred to in the original work, but never added. I added, also, the objections by Elbridge Gerry, Patrick Henry and Colonel George Mason—All of which refused to sign the Constitution.

This book is an interesting view of the battle for ratification of the Constitution and a good read for anyone studying the history of the United States from those who lived it.

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Where’s the kitchen sink?

On July 8, 2011, in News Item, by Glen Davis

Word Press 3.2 is out and they have added some real good features.

One that I like is that you can add the TARGET=”_blank” tag to the link references simply by checking the box marked “Open link in new tab/window.”

I like the new style of the dashboard. It seems a much “cleaner” look.

The only problem that I have found is that I cannot find the “kitchen sink.” The button that opens the toolbar with all of the neat features in Visual mode.

I had to update this site twice to get the new link feature and I wonder if there is a problem with the update feature.

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What’s new with me?

On July 8, 2011, in News Item, Stuff, by Glen Davis

I just realized that I have not updated anything since May. I have been busy.

I finished an article concerning the Tenth Amendment which I may be adding to my articles at Amazines soon. I am waiting word to see if a web site wants to use it.

I am working on a reprint of Essays on the Constitution of the United States originally edited by Paul Leicester Ford. It contains papers by Federalists and Anti-Federalist debating the passage of the Constitution. I added the works of Brutus to the mix.

These are not the Federalist papers you are familiar with. These are written by various authors to newspapers around the country. Right now, with the current index, it is about 330 pages, but I expect that to grow. I am trying to keep the work below $15, however. It should be available through LULU by the end of July. You can check the link to my bookstore.

I started this editing project because I needed some source material for another fiction idea I am formulating. I am, also, working on a science fiction short story for fun.

And, I thank God that I am getting actual work. It won’t make me rich, but I will be able to eat for one more month.

I hope that everyone out there is finding their blessings growing.

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Star Trek Now

On July 8, 2011, in News Item, Stuff, Video, by Glen Davis

Remember how the Enterprise could replicate anything they needed? Get ready for Star Trek today.

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