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This classic reprint by Elihu Root touches on the “socialist” movement of the Woodrow Wilson era and explains why government intrusion is not always the answer. He argues that some modification to laws can be necessary without compromising the promise of our forefathers written down in the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Nobel Prize organization said he, “…became one of the most brilliant administrators in American history,…” Why would they say that about him? Because he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1912 while serving in the United States Senate. He did not receive the award, however, under some pretense that–somehow–destroying the American economy with carbon taxes would–somehow–make the earth a more peaceful place. He got his Nobel Prize the old-fashioned way. He earned it.

Root served as Secretary of War from 1899 to 1904 under Presidents McKinley and progressive Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy under Elihu Root. Mr. Root returned to private practice in 1904, but was called upon by Roosevelt in 1905 to assume the duties of the 38th Secretary of State. He served in that role until 1909 when he became a Senator until 1915. He declined another term as Senator and even declined the offer of the Republican party nomination as President.

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January sales contest on LULU.com

On January 5, 2011, in Book Sale, Fiction, Political Science, by Glen Davis

The January sales contest is on at LULU.com. You can enter READ2011 at checkout to receive 10%* off of your order and help me win a contest.

One of my recommendations is the fictional thriller A Shroud of Evidence. One review states, “This book is intense. So like what it may be like someday. It has a lot of action, suspense and even love. A good read. I recommend it highly. My compliments to the author.” If you have an Amazon, Barnes and Nobles or other online book store account, you can purchase through those sites, but you cannot use the coupon code. 6×9 paperback.

Another pick is Concerning the Militia. This book started out as a research project during the Clinton administration and grew into a reference book. I would guess much of it you already knew or may have seen. Can be purchased in hardcover or paperback through LULU.com only.

The Patriotic Observances Handbook is a guide to the latest patriotic observances and legal Federal Holidays plus a perpetual calendar. This one came about as I searched for information on the LEGAL HOLIDAY National Prayer Day.

2011 Patriot Journal contains some of the information from the Patriotic Observance Handbook. Contains spaces for monthly appointments and journal pages.

My latest work, A Clause for Concern is an examination of the Interstate Commerce Clause of the Constitution by a non-lawyer. Just how far does this Constitutional Power of Congress extend? What of other Constitutional authorities that the Congress has delegated or ignored? I must admit that this one may contain some mistakes, but I reference source material for you to look up.

I also have some reprints of older books such as A View of the Constitution of the United States of America. American Documents Volume II contain the Federalist Papers and American Documents Volume III contain some of the Anti-Federalist Papers. You can see all of the books I have available at my online store.

Please remember, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these books goes toward buying houses, cars, food, etc.

* Disclaimer: Enter coupon code ‘ READ2011 ‘ during checkout and save 10% off the purchase price. Discount cannot be used to pay for, nor shall be applied to, applicable taxes or shipping and handling charges. Maximum amount that can be applied to discount is $10.00 per account. Promotional codes cannot be applied to any previous orders. No exchanges or substitutions allowed. Only one valid promotional code can be used per order. Offer expires January 31, 2011 at 11:59 PM EDT. Lulu.com reserves the right to change or revoke this offer at any time. Void where prohibited.

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