Patrick Whitehurst
May 10, 2009

WILLIAMS, Ariz., – While Glen Davis worked for a number of years on his novella, “A Shroud of Evidence,” he did not complete the futuristic tale of faith and chaos until recently. Davis, who works as a Web designer, an author, blogger and photographer, took some time out of his busy schedule to talk about his new book, published through LULU, and spoke about writing in general.

He said the genesis for “Shroud” came to him four years ago in 2005.

“Bill Mize, author of ‘Resurrection Angel’ and ‘Everlasting Life,’ told me about LULU,” Davis said. “I had a friend who asked me to do some research on gun control, which I used to practice making covers and moving around the LULU Web site. The result is ‘Concerning the Militia,’ which can be found on I picked up on ‘A Shroud of Evidence,’ again, at the end of 2008. It started flowing, so I just went with it. I thought it turned out pretty good, so I went ahead and published it with an ISBN. The cover came together very well and I even had a compliment from an artist friend. I mean, everything just seemed to fall into place with this one, so I went with it. And just so people know; it is a fictional account of events that could occur according to the book of Revelation. I was asked if I thought God wanted me to write this book. My answer is that God certainly did not tell me to write this book. I had no vision or anything like that. It is mainly a character generated story. But then again, he didn’t tell me that I couldn’t write it.”

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