Patriotic Observance Handbook

On June 3, 2010, in History, New Release, by Glen Davis

The Patriotic Observance Handbook and Patriot Calendar is being made available, though it is still in its formative stages. I went through a search of Title 31 of the U.S. Code, on a search for information on National Prayer Day and was amazed at how many holidays I did not know about. For example, Honor America Days and Gold Star Mothers Day.

I added significant dates concerning American History and the development of our American culture. Yes, Virginia, there is an American culture.

As I watched old tapes of the American War of Independence aired on the History channel years ago, they point out that—even under King George III—the colonies were the freest in the world.

Just finished adding a table with all of the States, dates they were admitted to the union, capitol cities and mottoes.

The work will continue as I have dates to add and some things, but I am hoping that it will help people find the time to study what made this country great—and why we should return to it.

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